Long time from the last time we wrote anything. Everything is fine. Summer is gone and winter coming. Right now it's raining and boys are sitting next to me and barking to the garbage car that just came to our yard. I'm writing with only one hand because my wrist is painful. I'm on sick leave because of that. Bit boring to be just home and there's not much that I can do with one hand, but at least I'm here with my boys. Here is some old pictures from August that we haven't shown in here yet.



Here is some clickable pictures from a field that we took them to run few times. Chili is such a hunter. When ever we are on a field he just runs around and sniffes everywhere to find something interesting. Then he jumps around after some mouses and other small animals. At fields they use their noses so much that when we get home they are really tired.



Last month we took Pancho to a vet for allergy test. We suspected him to have some allergy because he has had some skin problems and eye infections. He was sedated for the test. It is funny how it showed how much he hates to go to vet and hates his veterinarian. Even thought he was sedated when he heard veterinarians voice from the corridor he lifted his head and opened his eyes. I was sitting on the floor and Pancho was dozing on my lap. Then we lifted him to the table and nurse took blood from him. It went really well. They had just renewed the test so it was much more versatile that it used to be. We got the test results in about 2 weeks. It showed that Pancho does have allergies and now we just have to start desensitization for him. We haven't contacted our vet yet to disguss more about that treathment. At least now we know what is bothering our baby.

Pancho and Chili are doing well together even though Chili's puberteet has started. You can see that Pancho doesn't forgive as much to him as he used to. They are playing together and enjoying each others company. You can see that sometimes Pancho would just want to be in peace since Chili would love to play every second he is awake. We just have to be there in the middle so that Pancho will have his peace and Chili will get to play. No real fights has happened yet. And I hope they will never happen! Here is some pictures of them playing this morning on the sofa.