On Saturday I was a bit worried for Pancho's teeth, because both the upper and lower front teeth were not loose at all and new teeth was already coming out. Then he played with Adela and Sunday we gave him a bone to chew. Sunday evening we noticed that 2 upper front teeth were missing. And his lower front teeth were really moving. Now the new teeth can grow! Now we hope that his biting will be good and all the rest of baby teeth will go away and new ones will grow! Other hairless dog owners have told me that even they have all the baby teeth it doesn’t mean that they will have all teeth when they grow up. It might be that when they drop off there will not be all the new teeth. We will see and of course hope for the best!

Today I’m going to a vet to get some drops for Pancho’s ear. I will leave from work early so that my baby will get help as soon as possible!  More info later today! -Jozanna<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />