Yesterday Pancho was 14 weeks. His height was 37cm and he weighted 7,7 kg. He is a big hansom boy already :) 

I took Pancho to vet on Tuesday. He had eye infection. Doctor gave him eye drops what we need to put 4 times/day for 10 days. Long walks outside is not allowed now, so that eyes will get better. They already look much better, there is no green stuff in his eyes anymore but they are a bit red still. I guess that this eye infection came from Sukaroiset, because we were out the whole weekend. I guess that the wind caused this.

Today we are going to Haapavesi where Pauli's mom lives. There Pancho will meet a lot of new people and he will see two cats...I hope that goes well. Pauli's mom lives in really nice place. There are fields and lake and lots of forest. Too bad that he has the eye infection now so that he can't be outside that much. I will try to take lots of pictures and put them here when ever our internet connection comes back...