Oh boy, second night is behind us and it went very well.. eventually. Pancho really put up a fight when we went to bed. We were determined not to sleep on the sofa this night. Everytime when he tried to jump into bed (and this happened at least 100 times ..) Pauli put him down. It took them almost an hour. Eventually Pancho gave up and retrieved to his "cave" :) After that he tried to come to bed only once and it took about 5 minutes to realise that it will not happen. Then he went to sleep to his own bed. Then before 8 this morning I woke up and went to living room watch tv with Panco who fell a sleep right away again. I think next night we all will sleep peacefully in our own beds.

This morning we noticed that he had to go (you know..go go..) and we fast took him and went outside with paper so that he would know what to do there. But no..he didn't want to poop outside.. Then when we came back inside he pooped to the papers. Well we continue practising :)

First poop ended up like this.. We had to wash him, and then wash the small brown footsteps from our floor.

Now, we are just waiting for new adventures what this day will bring! I could just watch him sleep or play all day long!! -Jozanna

Here is two videos of Pancho playing yesterday. Otherone is a bit big..Sorry about that.
This is Pancho killing his favorite toy! He loves this Fifi dog.
This is another toy what he loves