Pancho had a birthday on Sunday! Our baby boy is now 2 years old!! I can't believe it. I was saying to Pauli yesterday that think how different our life was 2 years ago; definitely much easier but so much duller. Taking a dog will totally change one's life. No one can say that life will be easier and all fun with a dog. Dogs will bring  many sad and annoying moments but those daily happy and funny moments will exceed those bad moments by 100 times! I can't imagine my life without my sweethearts. It would be so boring!

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What comes to my mind thinking Panchos 2 years on this planet:

  • When he came from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Russia to Finland and we picked him up. Must have been happiest day of my life. I was so excited! My cheeks were actually hurting in the evening from all that smiling.
  • Taking him out everyday what seemed like million times per day.
  • When we started teaching him to sit down and he knew it from the first time.
  • Going to a dog park with him. Him playing with all other dogs and everyone amazed how old he acted even thought he was just a young puppy.
  • Cat injuring his eye. All that panic when calling to a vet and driving there. He had his whole eye swollen and dripping water and we didn't know if it is burst and still he tried to calm me down by licking my face when I was crying. Still makes me sad thinking that.
  • That joy when he lifted his leg for the first time in front of a tree.
  • His joy when we came home from work
  • He hugging and kissing us
  • That long fight with his separation anxiety and the feeling of coming home and being afraid if everything is ok. And then the feeling of joy after those days when it started to be quiet at home.
  • He poking me to get under my blanket in bed.


..And so much more. I feel so lucky and privileged to have him as my dog. He is such a persona.  We had Pontus and Wilma in our house on Sunday on Panchos birthday. We couldn't make a cake because of his elimination diet but they were playing and running a lot. It is quite sad that they can't play with Wilma nicely. Especially Pancho can't. He starts humping her and it just doesn't stop. Chili can still play quite nicely with her.

Some pictures from one week ago.



I would run too...



Last week we were at work and then my phone rang. Our neighbor called me saying that "I just though calling you since Pancho is out…" I was like "what??" She said that Pancho was at our back yard. I said I will be home right away. (Our back yard has a fence so they can't run away, but it was a cold windy day.) I drove home and already when I stepped out from car I could hear him barking. I went in and two funny faces looked at me behind our back door glass. They were both out. Our back door had forgotten open from morning. It looks like it would be closed but if Pancho jumps against it, it will open. And then wind will close it again like that. I let them in and I have rarely seen Pancho that happy. He was so so so happy! Panchos skin felt a bit cold so I warmed him; Chili was warm. It was only +10 Celsius outside and it was just about to rain. I went to the neighbor to thank that she had called and told her that dogs are now inside. She said that it was first only Pancho so most likely Chili has gone there to help Pancho. Then she said that she gave pig ears to them to calm them down. Nice thought but.. Pancho had already been 10 weeks on that elimination diet so now we have to start all over again. I told her that. We haven't given Pancho those ears anyway since he eats them so fast that he almost chokes on them. I thought it might be that they are a bit afraid of that back yard after that but they are not. I tried in the evening to open the door the same way it was in the morning. They just pushed the door open and went to the back yard. So nothing learned J -Johanna


Some clickable pictures.

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