Winter is really coming. Today it was only +2 and Pancho has had warm clothes already. Luckily he doesn't mind putting those on so out going is not a fight :) Yesterday I finished one overalls what I have made for over a month. It looks really nice! I'm going to do some changes to it still. The legs are a bit too long so I have to think what to do with them.

Today we were in this one pet shop which is closing down, so they sell everything at half price. We bought Pancho 3 overalls and a new bed to our car. All clothes are a bit too big for him yet, but he is growing all the time so soon they will be ok for him. I took some pictures :)

Here is Panchos new fleece overalls. It is really big for him, but soon it will fit..

Here is the second clothing we bought. This is big, but wearable already

This is the overalls I knitted to Pancho myself. It needs some small tuning still..

Here is a picture of Pancho from a funny angle. His legs look really loooong :)

And then 1 normal sitting picture.