This weekend has been absolutily wonderful! The weather has been perfect and weekend has felt like a long one. On Friday me and my sister took boys out for a walk in Hervanta. We tried to take some nice sunny day pictures of them. It didn't quite happen. Pancho tought that every place smells good so he was pulling me and sniffing everything. We took our walk to this small park and we walked there maybe 300 meters. By that time we were stopped at least 4 times. Everyone was asking about boys: what breed are they, do they have good nature. It was funny when many people said that they knew Chili is a puppy because he doesn't have mohawk yet like Pancho does. That it hasn't grown yet.. :) We had to explain that Chili will never have that mohawk..  One woman thought that Pancho is a chinese crested dog.. I explained that they are even smaller than Chili. She said "yeah, but I thought if he is a big one" :) 

In this picture we were wondering what was Chili wining about. Then we noticed that he had his lead all over his front legs. Poor guy couldn't move :)

Me and boys on our walk

Another me and boys

We have been geocaching the whole weekend or actually week also. Boys have been out a lot with us. They saw their first horses ever. Pancho thought they are evil and he was barking a lot. Chili was just scared. I have fallen in love with geocaching again now when all snow is gone. Our goal for this year is to find in total 200 caches. It means 77 caches to find still. We will get there..

Tomorrow Chili has his second vaccination. I will let you know how that went! -Jozanna