Pancho had unofficial running competition on Saturday 13nd of October. The event was called Möllin maastot. Even thought it was Saturday we had to wake up early to drive 120km to Hyvinkää. There was some snow on the ground and we had summer tires but luckily on the motorway there was no snow or ice. It was windy day and we were bit worried how Pancho can run without clothes on. When it started to be Panchos turn to run the sun was already shining quite warm. The length of the track was pretty long. We were both surprised with Pauli. We thought Pancho is not going to run the whole track. Pauli went to sent Pancho to run and I was standing on the side and taking video when Pancho ran. When the "rabbit" started running Pancho started to chase it. We were very surprised when he was running after the rabbit the whole long track! He ran very well! Only one time he lost the focus when there was a 90 degree curve and there was a photographer in the turning. He was about to run straight to the photographer but then he started chasing the rabbit again. We were both very proud of Pancho! There were originally 9 participants in his league, but only 6 were there. Pancho was 3rd! All the other dogs were running breeds so very good job Pancho! Pancho got 251 points. The dog that finished first got 265 points and the dog that was last got 215 points. All points you can find from HERE and HERE you can find some pictures of this competition. Pancho is there also. We try to put our own pictures and maybe even the video here today.


My mother, step dad and sisters were visiting us from Saturday to Sunday. I don't know was it because of that or because of the running that Pancho was tired the whole Sunday. We had two long walks in the forest on Sunday but when we were at home he was just sleeping; which was nice since we were tired too. When all the guests left all 3 of us fall a sleep on the couch. -Jozanna