We took the collar away from Pancho on monday. His ears started to look so bad and the skin was red  so we decided that we will take the collar off. Pancho has been very happy bacause of this.

Ears were looking really bad for a few days. They were not up and a bit too close to each other, now they are allmost as they were before so we are glad also. There is still a small mark on his eye so not yet 100% ok. We will go to the vet today for a control visit and will get Pancho's vaccination at the same time. Hopefully the eye has continued to get well and everything is ok. We will get Pancho weighted at the vet so we will know hi's exact weight. Maybe the vet can measure his height also if we remember to ask... Update on the vet appointment in the evening.  -Rafu

I went home an hour ago to give Pancho his eye drops.. He had made a big mess again..But the worst part was that he had shreded wall papers above our bed.. There was a hole as big as my head.. I will put picture here later. I had to leave him to our corridor where is only painted walls. Now his bed is there and some toys. It's lot smaller space where he was before, but his own fault. I hope he doesn't rip any other walls or floors. It is rental appartement so we have to pay everything. :( I hoped nothing like this would not happen. -Jozanna