It has been very hot in Finland. Today it is more than +27 in here. Even for Pancho this seems to be very hot. Two days ago we went to the beach and tried if he wants to go in the water. (I really didn't think he would..) But to our surprise he did go. He seemed to even like it. Too bad we didn't have our camera with us then. Today we are going to the beach again. I will take my camera for sure!


Pancho has done other new things too.. He ate some grass yesterday :D I took some grass from the yard for him and he ate them gladly. Then he tried to get some grass from the ground himself but didn't manage. It was funny looking.


And one more new thing.. When he is peeing of pooping he kicks the ground with his feet. I think it some male thing.. Looks funny since he doesn't quite know yet how to do it right.


You remember when I told you that Pancho has learned to open our doors.. We got it on video :D Here is some pictures I freezed from the video: