On the weekend we were outside for the first time for over a week. We waited until it was dark and then we took him running free at Pauli's working place. He had so much energy that he just ran and ran and ran...it seemed that he REALLY enjoyed to get some energy out of his body!

He has learned to use his collar..He can eat a bone with the collar. This has been hard because he can't use his legs, because the collar is on the way. The other thing he has learned to do is this:


He has learned that if he puts the collar around our face he can lick it and kiss us as much as he wants..We can't get away. :) Our kisser-boy!

And this is how he looks with the collar. He's beautiful ears are now looking like this: (I really hope they are going to get up again when we take the collar away)


And this is how we have lived for over a week now.. This much light we have had in our appartement..