Hi all

I finally thought I should also put some effort into this blog since it has my name on it. Someone has to take care of the overall quality of the writings here..

So what has happened lately.. Something weird was going on a few days ago. I was thinking that the Martians (..that my masters talk about all the time..) have finally invaded this planet. There were a lot of humans on the streets using some kind of Anti-air rockets and some explosives also on the ground. I did not see any UFO's or anything like them in the air tough and no green beings running on the ground. I was a bit disappointed since I have been practicing running so I can catch them. I should of course be able to see them first.. Maybe the humans use those stupid looking goggles so they can see the invisible UFO's and Martians that they seem to be fighting. I have to say the resistance the invaders gave was really not impressive no casualties at least on the human side.. I eventually got bored looking at the invisible Martians and the fight that was actually not even very fierce. I decided to sleep instead.

The next day we went to look for those plastic containers in the woods. You know those that contain nothing interesting. I still do not get why the masters are so happy to find a food container that someone has already emptied. I think I should start planning a coop for real..

I will keep you updated on this.