We were on holidays for a month and Pancho didn’t have to stay home alone. We thought that his barking would go bad when we have to go to work again. But to our surprise from the first day he was left alone he didn’t bark much. Now there has even been days of almost total silence. This is very good news! I think he has got used to this place.

Today we tried some other thing that has been hard for him: dog shows. After the tooth operation he didn’t want to show his teeth to strangers anymore. Today we took him to a match show. When we were waiting for our turn there in the middle of all the other dogs it went better than I expected; he didn’t growl much to other dogs. There is one breed he hates maybe more than anything: French bulldogs. There were 3 Frenchies and I have to admit they made loud noise when they were breathing. Pancho thinks they are growling for him and starts to growl as soon as they come near.


Pauli and Pancho were 11th in the ring. Pancho seemed to be nervous right away when we put the show lead on him (I think we might need to change the lead into something more comfortable for him). When they went into the ring he walked beautifully! Only thing that in the first corner where there was “door” out from the ring he tried to pull out. He was standing nicely and when judge came to creed him he went to sniff her. Pancho didn’t behave badly in a way that he didn’t growl, bark or try to bite the judge: he was just staring the judge. The judge had never seen or heard anything about Mexican hairless dogs. She was asking lots of questions about the breed. Judge touched Panchos rear end but didn’t have the courage to check his teeth. I think he looks so intimidating for people who have never seen this breed before. Pauli showed Panchos teeth. We got the blue ribbon and judge asked us to continue. She said that: “He walks very beautifully in the ring. He has nice moves”. We didn’t stay for the blue ring since it is working morning tomorrow. I think he got already the practise what he needs. That is why we went into the show: to practise Pancho for shows. Next Match show would be next week. We might go there to practise again. -Jozanna