Pancho is fixed again :) His tooth has been removed and he seems to be himself again. He is still eating antibiotics for few days so that he doesn't get any infection. Operation went very well. I took him to the vet and then they gave some relaxing medicine to him. He fell a sleep in my lap already then, or at least he was somewhere in a happy place :) Then they gave him the sleeping injection and he fell a sleep. Then few hours later I went to pick him up. He was still sleeping in a floor of recovery room. When he heard my voice he tried to lift his head. He was totally out of this world. I carried him home to sleep and then he was sleeping for few hours. Then he started walking and start being Pancho again.
Here is some pictures:
Pancho in a happy place in my lap

Pancho sleeping

Panchos tooth. Is it really that big?! auts.

Ok, now I think I have to take him to a dog park to play with some friends. He seems to be waiting to get out after beeing a whole day here alone. Oh jea, Pancho hasn't made even a one sound here when we are at work. The lemon collar seems to be working, he doesn't want to bark anymore..  WIPII!  -Jozanna