Today Pauli left to Switzerland. He is travelling there on business. He will be back only next week Friday night. So he will be away for almost a week. I wonder how we will manage with Pancho without him. We will both miss him. It seems that Pancho already does. When he left and we came home Pancho was just sitting in the window for 3 hours. It seemed that he was waiting for Pauli. 

Panchos brother Gizmo was visiting us! First we met at Ideapark (which is huge shopping centre here in Lempäälä). First when I came out from the car and saw Gizmo I was so delighted to see that Gizmo looked very much a like Pancho. You could easily see that they are brothers (same dad, different mom).

Gizmo is so beautiful!

First Pancho had to growl to him, but then they were fine. They were playing with each other for a long time. Just sometimes they did something and then a growling started. But when we told them to stop then it was fine again and they continued playing and running.



Tadaa! Here I come!


Then we went to our place. In here they were playing nicely but same thing happened: either Pancho or Gizmo jumped to the other ones back and then the growling started. But when we stopped them they were friends again. It was like it wasn't quite sure which one was the boss. I still think that Pancho liked to see some one who is like he is: naked! It was weird to notice that there was some other dog that had exactly the same facial expressions and body language what Pancho has. He has even the same habits and manners that Pancho. He is big kisser also :)

Gizmo kissing his new owner Suski


When Suski and Gizmo left Pancho was howling and wining on the door. Then when I started putting all pictures into the computer and Pancho noticed one picture about him and Gizmo open he jumped on my lap and started sniffing that picture from the monitor. He has never done so. Now he finally felled a sleep. He has had a rough day.  We desided with Suski that we have the best dogs in the world! :) :) -Jozanna

Here is more pictures (two pages)!