In few hours we are going to Jyväskylä by train. This will be Panchos' first train trip. Gladly it is only 1,5 hours. We have to  go by train because our car broke down week ago. We are taking it to maintenance next Wednesday. My dad will see Pancho for the first time.
Pauli took Pancho to vet on last Wednesday. He has an eye infection again :( The vet said that this is perfectly normal for some puppies. She also said that it might be caused because the allergic. Let's see now if this changing of food helps. Results can only been seen after 6 weeks of eating only this new food.
Right now I'm home so that I have time to feed Pancho and take him out before we have to go. Pancho is doing all bad stuff so that I would notice him and not writing this blog :) He want's me to go to kitchen and give him food. I think it is actually time to give him the food. We will write more later. -Jozanna