Yesterday morning on our walk we met Mini. Mixed breed dog that was very lovely girl. She had so much speed. Pancho was a bit scared for the first 5 minutes but then they started to play. We had our hands full trying to get the leads untangeled. They had some fun and played for about 20 minutes wrestling and running.

In the evening we met with Caroline and Tuomas to see their 6 m9onths old flatcoated retreiver Senna. Senna was very happy to see Pancho and wanted to play but Pancho seemed to disagree. Senna was so big and a bit careless as puppies are. Pancho was still too small to play with Senna and was a bit scared. Poor senna ended up lying on the grass for most of the time sibce Pancho was scared and Senna was a bit too rough with him. Well the purpose of the meeting was to show a bigger dog to Pancho and it was perfect for that. The reason we wanted to show him to a energetic bigger dog since we a re going to Sukaroiset (Finnish hariless dog assosiation's meeting) next weekend and there will be alot of dogs there. Now he knows to avoid the bigger dogs untill he knows what they are like. Not like he did now when he saw Senna first time and growled for her when she was still on lead... ;) -Rafu