Weekend went very well! The train trip was even better what I expected. There was at least 4 other dogs in the train sitting near to us in the animal coach. Pancho seemed interested, but he behaved very well. Beginning of the trip he was just sitting on the floor and then we let him be on the chair and he was sleeping there.

It was soooo nice and warm on the weekend. It was so warm that almost all snow melted away. Pancho loved to ran outside because there was green grass again. He was happy to go out, since we were in a single-family house with own yard. He could just go out without any lead or clothes. He was very happy! He met my dad for the first time and he didn’t seem to like him too much for beginning.. Pancho was afraid of him and was under the table and growled to him. I think it was because he thought that my dad smelled weird, because he smokes. But soon he noticed that my dad wasn’t dangerous. :)

For few days we have been wondering Panchos’ behaviour.. He has been a bit weird. He seems to be testing me and my leadership. Outside in the lead he is pulling all the time and in the dog park sometimes he’s ignoring us when we try to call him. He has started sniffing a lot more in the walks. Inside he seems to need attention all the time. Yesterday in the dog park he peed at least 4 times. I was already a bit worried that he would have some infection in bladder..
Today we found out why all this has happened…In the park he peed at least 2 times. Then a bitch came into the park. Pancho couldn’t resist her. He was jumping on her and sniffing her all the time. Then it happened..He found a tree..He started sniffing the tree.. then he crouched and then: HE LIFTED HIS BACK FOOT! That was one small step for a mankind, one giant leap for Pancho :)  -Jozanna

Pancho in the train