We are back home. Internet connection is ok again. We just have to work out where is our internet space now and how to get pictures there. Soon we will get pictures there from Sukaroiset and try to get Pancho's injury on camera. It is not easy, we do not want tu use flash so it will not irritate the eye.

Pancho seems to recover well. He gets a drop of medicine every 3 hours. After this we use a moiturizing drop that should protect the scar in the eye. He also gets painkillers that the vet gave us. They should ease the irritation of the eye so he does not scratch it.

Panchos eye looks ok. A small grey area is located where the cut is. Eye works well and he keeps it open. We are hopefull that everything will go well. Pancho will hopefully have a vet appointment on tuesday, then we know more.