It is January and there is no snow anywhere… Pancho likes that, but I'm a bit worried what has happened to our weather.


Christmas went really well! First we were few days in Haapavesi with Paulis' mom and then on Saturday we drove back to Jyväskylä to my mom. At Haapavesi we met many relatives who had not seen Pancho before. Some liked how he looks, some didn't :) I have used to that already. For some people hairless dog is too much. Pancho met small children for a first time too. They was jumping around and pointing Pancho with all sorts of different things. He wanted to play with them, but we kept him in a lead because probably he would have kiss-attacked them and gave them a life-long trauma.

Pauli and Pancho playing Monopoly


Christmas Eve went very good as always! Right away when we went to Jyväskylä, he got a big moose bone. He loved to chew that for many days. I think we have been very nicely last year, since we all got many Christmas presents. Pancho got many bones, big ears and other treats. He also got very nice jacket which has own pockets. Now he can carry his own poop bags. He got to eat different food also in Christmas. I think he was very happy! On Christmas day we went to see my grandfather who lives in his own island. It was end of December and we went there by boat.. This has never happened before. My grandfather has a dog also. Pancho and Piku were playing with each other a lot! They were running away from us together to get to play in peace. I think that we must go there again as soon as possible.

Panchos' and one of his Christmas presents


We are in a boat going to my grandfather.


Pancho and his new jacket


Then we came back to Tampere for the days between Christmas and New Year. We were working for 3 days and then on Friday we drove back to Jyväskylä. We were surprised to notice that Pancho was not scared at all of fireworks!


Two days ago Pauli noticed that one of Panchos' lower canines is broken, 2/3 is missing and you can see inside of the remaining tooth. We don't know what broke it. Maybe he just broke it when eating some bone. I took him to vet today. He got antibiotics and pain killers. Next Friday 12th of January they will operate him. They will remove that tooth. Poor boy :(   -Jozanna