Yesterday Pancho was 1 year old! We made him a cake today and he seemed to LOVE it.



First he started to eat it very carefully and then he just took the whole cake into his mouth and swallowed it in two pieces. I think he was happy with his birthday food! Also the weather has been perfect. It is more than +25 and he is enjoying being outside all the time.


Small birthday miracle happened today :) Pancho has never layed down outside. Today he just did it. And twise! He volantery just went down without any treats given to him.


My youngest sister took him out today for a small walk. When they were coming back home one dog (who was not in lead) ran from his house and came to smell Pancho. Pancho was in a lead and of course didn’t like much that some other male dog came to smell him. They started growl to eachother and then it was a fight! Thankfully nothing bad happened he only got some small marks into his skin, but bad could have happened. 

It has been such a beautiful day! Here is some flower pictures what i took today picture 1, picture 2, picture 3 -Jozanna