We tried some home agility with Pancho. We builded a barrier so that Pancho was supposed to jump over it. First he didn't quite get the idea. When I was trying to get him to jump he was just looking at me and went over the obstacle. Then when I blocked it so that he couldn't go round the barrier anymore then he run into the kitchen and from there to the corridor and came that way to me :) Anything but jump :) Finally Pauli got him to jump over and then he was excited and jumping over and over again.



Johanna’s’ family came on last Friday to visit us. They brought Pancho a wonderful surprise: a reindeer bone. Pancho was SO excited about the bone! He was just eating the meat out of it for few hours like nothing could be better.
Then it started on Saturday.. His stomach went upside down. Poor guy was waking us up few times on Sunday night and asking out. Then he was also throwing up on Sunday. We gave him these tablets meant for dog’s stomach problems and those calmed his stomach so that on Sunday evening everything was already a bit more normal. I think his stomach didn’t like the surprise of eating reindeer meat for the first time such a big amount J

(these bone eating pictures would be excellent to put into our front door: "no tresspassing, this is what happened to the last guy that tried... :) )

This morning when Pauli came home from a walk with Pancho I was wondering why he is carrying children’s football. He told me that he was taking Pancho out and then one familiar Rottweiler came and they stopped to see them. And before Pauli could notice Pancho lifted his foot and marked our neighbor’s child’s football. He had to bring the ball inside to wash it J  We were laughing that this is how much Pancho likes children..

Here is some saunapictures