This morning when I was taking Pancho out and opened our front door it was quite a shock: The whole ground was white and more coming. It had been snowing quite a while I think. Pancho immediately backed away from the door. He was standing in the middle of our corridor shivering “I’m not coming there”. I took some snow and showed it to him so that he can smell it. Then he had courage to come to the door. He stepped out to our doorstep where was no snow. Getting him to step on the snow was another story.. I tried nicely to lure him to the snow, I tried to told him to come to the snow I even tried to pull him.. Nothing helped. He was not moving. When he finally took the first step to the snow it looked very funny! He was walking like in a slow motion movie. And he was lifting his foot very high; like a soldier. Then I was encouraging him a lot. After few meters he started to walk normally and the rest of the walk went fine. He was walking in the deepest snow all the way.


This is how nature was 3 days ago:


And this is how it was this morning:



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We were a bit nervous to start driving to work since it’s more than 20 km and we had summer tires in the car. The trip went fine. I’m just a bit nervous about tomorrows running competition where Pancho is going. It is in Hyvinkää which is 125km from here. I wish it is not going to snow!! Pancho is running first in his league. All the other dogs are greyhounds or other running dogs, but it doesn’t matter since we are not going there to compete. We are going there so that Pancho can run. Just for fun! It doesn’t matter if he is the last one. As long as he enjoys that running!




Clickable pictures from 3 days ago:

th_IMG_4375.jpg th_IMG_4326.jpg th_IMG_4313.jpg th_IMG_4309.jpg




I have almost finished the overall what I’m doing for Pancho for winter. I will finish it on Monday and I will put pictures as soon as it is ready! -Jozanna