The first night was a bit hard at first. Pancho (as we have decided to call him in everyday life)went to sleep in his own house but after 30 minutes he came jumping against our bed and barking. Johanna ended up sleeping on the sofa with him. He was quiet the whole night and slept. He just wants to sleep in our bed..
We took him out the first time today. It was nice, he is so calm in every situation. No sound when we took home in the car and when he got into the grass he just walked a bit and then sat down. Seems that grass is ok to sit on.
And we were very proud since he peed right the way when he got to the grass. It was very smart of him.


One thing is strange tough. He has not pooped yet, only peed..

Here is a video of him walking in the grass. It's 12.7mb