Now it has snowed outside and for few days it has been a bit cold. Today it was about -8. Pancho is doing fine outside if we just put enough clothes on. He doesn´t seem to mind that cold, not yet.. Let's see what he thinks when it's going to be -20 for the first time..

We measured Pancho today, he weighted 16,7kg and his height is about 48,5cm. I don't think he is going to grow anymore, not much anyway. His muscles has grown, especially back thighs has grown. I think it might partly be because he is standing a lot (in two legs) in window looking out. And of course all the running around.

He destroyed my Stephen Kings book what I got for Christmas… I think his tooth was itching and he wanted to bite something. I noticed too late what he was eating.. Later he managed to eat a bit more of that book while we were at work. Gladly it is still readable :) Here is the picture after the first destruction:


Pancho looking out again.


Pancho eating a bone