Today was a bit hard. Pancho was like a little demon most of the day. He is thinking that it is nice to bite our hands when we sit on sofa and he bites really hard! We were lucky to notice that he has a plastic chewing bone that he does not like at all. When he bites we put the bone near his nose and mouth and he stops. After this he usually starts a huge barking and growling concert but does not bite... He makes a lot of noises when he is really annoyed.

He was a bit bad almost the whole day, even on our walk. In the evening we made pancaces and he smelled the burning grease and was a bit scared. Then he was like an angel sitting between our legs AND no biting at all.. Well he will learn with time.

We did manage to get a video of  Pancho running away with the cup where he was given water.. Video is 10MB an you can get it here. Here is one photo from today also. -Rafu