I had to write something even thought I don't have any pictures now to put here, I will add them later. My sister told me that we haven't wrote anything for too long time. That we will be loosing our readers soon :)

this has been taken few weeks ago, but only "new" I have in the Internet


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Well, we have very big news!! This is why we haven't written for a long time: We have bought our own house. Or it's not a house but a row house or terraced house. Now we have 80m2 and own backyard for Pancho to run. We have one room more than now and it's our own! We are moving this Saturday. I'm so excited! There is excellent forest for Pancho to run free every day! *jippiiiiii* Pancho is a bit confused with all the moving boxes inside our apartment, but yesterday when he got to the new empty house for the first time, he seemed very excited. He was running around and barking just to hear his own voice (empty place so lots of echoes) :D And he was running from inside to outside and back again. My sister and I tried to measure places and every time Panchos nose was there. He was a helpy-helper indeed. We took many pictures yesterday! Let's see if I put some of those here, or only after we have changed our own wallpapers and stuff in.  -Jozanna