Weekend went really fast. On Saturday morning we went to the forest and to the field next to our house. Boys were running in the forest and I tried the sign what I learned last week on puppy school. When I made this sign Chili ran to me every time! It worked perfectly. I was really proud! We walked to the field next to our house. Boys were really excited to run there. I was trying to take some nice pictures of them running, but they are so fast that most of the pictures I only got a leg or then nothing.. :)

Boys running in the field



Some clickable pictures from the field:

th_pancholentaa1_IMG_6933.jpg th_panchojuoksee_IMG_6927.jpg th_Chilijuoksee.jpg

We have been struggling with Panchos treats since he is still on that elimination diet and he can’t eat anything else except his own food. I figured out a good “prize” for him for coming to us when ever called. He comes even without a prize but I think it would be good to give him something for it so that he doesn’t stop coming. Pauli was carrying a stick (that we were taking to our back yard for dogs to chew) and every time Pancho was called to us he got to chew the stick a bit. He loved it! When he was offered this stick he took it to his mouth and chewed it a bit and looked so happy! :)

our xolo boys in the forest

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Chili eating his stick



This morning Pancho didn’t eat his food. Pauli thought I took Panchos bowl away but I already left to work thinking that Pauli would do it :) So no one took Panchos food away and Chili saw his chance and ate the whole food.. So he ate 3 times more than he was supposed to eat..  Pauli stayed home for a while with him. First he tried to make him throw up, but that didn’t work. Then he just watched after him. Chili seemed to be fine. I have said before that Chili would eat almost what ever amounts if he would get it.. Now it has been almost proven. He is SO greedy!

Pancho and Chili in the forest (Photobucket is resizing all pictures for some reason. Original picture here)


Pancho jumping over a tree trunk


Pancho and Chili in the forest



I had a vet reserved for him today, but I cancelled it. He seemed to have eye infection last week since he had green stuff on his eye but now it has disappeared. Vet told me that there is so much dust right now outside that many dogs has eye problems right now. That it would be necessary to clean eyes every night. We have to do that for Pancho also -Jozanna