Today a nother week has passed in Pancho's life. That means today was yet another measuring day. We also went again to a dog park. This time we went after dark. There was of course light there but it was still pretty dark. Pancho did not seem to mind.

Pancho got a playmate from another puppy that was a week younger and about 7 kilos heavyer than Pancho. This time we heared why some say that Xolo's play with a lot of noise. Pancho was growling and making lots of "demon" noises while they played. Pancho showed his fierce side again as he put the heavyer puppy on his back a few times. Once the other pyppu flew trough the air on his back. This was not too fierce tough just playing but you could see that Pancho really would not go on his back, loved it when the other did tough...

Oh, those measurements from today.. Pancho was 10,3 kg and 41cm.

Here are some photos:

Waiting for a shower after playing in the dogpark..

Hey, seriously I do not need a wash..

Pretty messy business, playing..

Pancho standing still.