Pancho had his operation yesterday. I took him to the vet and we had to wait in the waiting room a bit. Few people came to talk to me and ask about Pancho :) He was very nicely in the waiting room, no barks to anyone. Then in the vets room she gave him that sleeping shot and left me alone with him. Like a minute Pancho was walking around the office sniffing and then I noticed that his back legs didn't really work anymore.. He came to my lap and fell asleep. They took him to the operation and I left to pick up Pauli. We came back and Panchos operation was already done and he was sleeping it off in the back room. He was totally out of it for a long time.

Pancho trying to wake up at vet


They didn't allow us to leave before Pancho could walk out himself. Eventually he did and we went home. He slept the whole day! Today he seems almost normal Pancho. He has some pain medicine and antibiotics and of course big bandage in his leg. It's amazing how animals know when the otherone is not totally well. Chili didn't go and bug pancho at all the whole yesterday. Actually for some reason he didn't even want to come to sofa for the first hour..