We were at DogPark few days ago. There were 5 young girls around 11-13 years old with some small dogs. Pancho started immediately hump one of those small dogs. Of course we were telling him NO and taking him away from there. He was totally impossible, drool was dropping from his mouth and all he saw and heard was this small bitch. We had to put him on a lead in a dog park, since I was hoping that these girls would leave soon, since they had been there for a long time already and their friends came to pick them up. These girls were throwing ball in the park (which is forbidden in the rules because dogs might get into fights because of this) and already one fight was about to start. My friend told them to take the ball away before someone gets hurt. Then someone else's dog started to hump this small dog too. She and other woman went to take their dogs away and they asked from this young girl could it be possible that her dog would be having heat soon? This girl answered: "no, she already has had heat for a week.."  We all were astonished. They told this girl to take her dog away and fast. Heat will continue at least few weeks still..  I was laughing that her parents might have a surprise of a lifetime when their white poodle will have naked puppies :D Well, I don't think that Pancho had any time to go so far that he would be a dad, but still it annoys me how stupid someone can be. Well, of course they were children, but still.. There should be age limit of 15 in the dog parks.  Best was when these youngsters left the park they negotiated long time outside the park who throws ball into the park. Finally one "brave" enough boy tossed the ball inside, it almost hit Pancho into head. Then people were yelling to them already and we tossed that ball away from the park.

Some dogs can be really obsessed of balls and it is very easy to start a fight. Sometimes sticks or stones might cause a fight in there. And some people don't understand that in dog park there is many different kinds of dogs.. It's not a place to throw sticks or toys to your dog! I'm glad that Pancho is not very obsessed of anything there. If he has taken a stick from ground and someone (usually Pontus) takes it away from him, he just lets them.

Pancho in our yard



Yesterday he was alone in the house when we were at work. Nothing was broken, no mess.. His panic was not so big than earlier. Let's see how Pancho and the house looks today. I'm really afraid because we have new sofa…I hope that he doesn't eat our new sofa!!   -Jozanna