We haven’t written for a long time. But don't worry, nothing special has happened. Pauli was on a business trip to Göteborg, Sweden the whole week. He came back last night and now (on Saturday) he’s doing some overtime work again, and probably going tomorrow too. On Monday I and Pancho went to a forest with my friend Caroline and Senna. We were in one path in Kauppi. There were many other joggers and our dogs were running free. We had to call them and take them to a lead every time someone came. Gladly Pancho came every time! I was really happy! I even run out of treats to give him and still he came always! And the thing that amazed me the most was that it was raining a lot and he didn’t care so much. He was so happy to run and play with Senna that rain didn’t matter. I will put a picture here so that you can see what is the weather like in then middle of December.. No snow anywhere and it is raining water.. There must be something wrong with the seasons.

Senna and Pancho playing and being totally wet


His barking is much better. We leave him home alone with the anti-bark collar and now there has been few days that there is not even one sound..This is the best news!!

His hormones have totally wakened up. He is lifting his foot every time when peeing. And he is marking trees etc. And one thing I don’t like is that in the dog park he is humping the bitches. It is starting to be rarer that he is playing with some other dog; more common is that he is sniffing some bitch or trying to hump her. I hope this is just a phase and it would go away in time. I wouldn’t mind if he does it sometimes, but not every time.

He has grown a bit. He is now 47cm and a bit over 15kg. I would hope he is still growing; his back legs are still higher than the front ones.

I have been a bad girl…When Pauli has been away I have let Pancho sleep in our bed every night. It is nice, because he is so warm J Only thing is that he is steeling my blanket.. He sleeps over it and I don’t want to move him, because he looks so cute. And then he is sleeping in the bed crosswise so I’m in the edge. Or then he sleeps between my legs and I can’t move. But still, he is so warm in the bed. And he loves to sleep under the blanket. Sometimes he comes under the blanket himself. He uses his nose to dig himself under it.

Here is few Christmas card picture what I took of him. The other one I posted to my and Paulis’ relatives and friends.

Santas' little helper


This is the actual card