Today we also recorded Panchos activities when we were at work. Today was not that good day than yesterday… Records showed us that he had been howling and barking a lot.. Not the whole day, but for the first couple hours there was a lot of noise. We were thinking: not good! We don't want to drive our neighbors crazy with him making some noise starting from 8 o'clock in the morning. His noise is not as bad as it could be. Apparently he sleeps most of the day, but even this is too much I think.

Then we went to a dog park and first thing he did was he marked a tree. He lifted his foot. Then everything was fine for a while, but then a Boxer came into the park. He wasn't even inside the park when Pancho started to growl to him. They came into the park anyway. Then this boxer was sniffing Pancho all the time and he was trying to get away from him. Then he turned and started really to growl. It wasn't some nice friendly warning, it really sounded mean.. I had to break them up and give Pancho a speech. I let him go free again, but the situation didn't get any better, Pancho was growling to him all the time so we had to leave. Gladly Johanna and Pontus came with us and we had a nice long walk. In the walk there was another new thing what I haven't seen Pancho doing before: when Pontus lifted his foot and marked a tree, Pancho had to mark over it. After the walk we came back to the park and that boxer had left so we went in. This time everything went well! We bought this new treats and in the dog park when I called Pancho, he came every time. He absolutely loves these! Now I'm thinking is it the D.A.P what makes him go bananas or is it just the age.. Well, I think that at almost 6 months age this is normal. Now I'm a bit worried what tomorrow will bring. We are supposed to meet my friend Salla and Milo the Jackrusselterrier again, but before that he has to be alone again... -Jozanna

Pauli and Pancho