Pancho's eye has started to heal well. The little boss that was on the cut has disappeared and the vet was very relieved. He still has drops for his eye and takes antibiotics through the mouth but soon we can take him out again. The drops that dilated his pupil will still have affect for a few days. After that he can go out. He has a bad rash under the collar and Jozanna will make him a protective "sleeve" to wear.


So the news are good this time. Healing will still take some time but the worst is over and his eye seems to be safe for now =) =)

We do have one other big problem now. That problem is luckily not so hard tough. The problem is Pancho himself... We kind of were spoiling him since he was so injured. He even was allowed on the bed so we could better keep an eye on him so he will not hurt his eye. He got his food while on our lap so we could monitor his eye so he will not accidentaly hurt it etc. Now he is VERY bossy.. He barks at us and seems to try to give us commands ;) But  this behaviour will be just temporary.. ;)