Our first puppy course with Chili was yesterday. I think it went great. In the beginning it is so that puppies don't meet each other. We were all put to separate blocs so that dogs can concentrate better on learning. First Chili was a bit wondering about all the noises and barking but he got used to the situation very fast. There was some treats ready on the floor for the dogs so that it would be nicer for them to come to that situation. Then we were learning saying "good boy (hyvä)" at the right time. Chili was learning to calm down on command, lick his nose on command and wag his tail. Well.. Everything else went well except that wagging tail part. He didn't move his tail even one time. All the other puppies were really excited when their owners started to baby talk to them and they automatically wagged their tails. I couldn't get Chili to do that. He was just looking at me, turning his head from side to side and giving me kisses but tail didn't move even once. Then he was just sitting down and wondering what was I trying to say. Then in the end there was a short meeting with other puppies. In Chili's group there was him and 2 others. First everyone was a bit sniffing each others and then those other 2 seemed to want to play and then Chili run behind my legs. He is so much shyer than Pancho was. I think overall the whole class went well! We got homework and now we have to practice those for next week.

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We measured Chili on Tuesday. He hadn't grown height at all. He was still 38cm. He weighted 6,9kg. I'm very happy that he had gained some more weight without getting any taller since he has been such a skinny boy. I'm still skeptic about him growing only to be intermediate I think he will be standard size. He is so close to the height what Pancho was at that age. But maybe his growth will end sooner than Panchos. Or at least it might slow done sooner.




Pancho boy had some tough time yesterday. I think it must be again THAT time of the month for some female dog… On walks Pancho was again drooling and yesterday he didn't eat anything for the whole day. Not even one bite. This morning he luckily ate his food. I think our elimination diet has gone very well with him. Almost for 2 months he hasn't got absolutely anything else except his allergy food. Soon we can add something so we can start figuring out if he is allergic to something. I think we will start with chicken meat, turkey meat, pork meat or lamb meat. It will certainly make our training better since now he doesn't even touch his food if it's dry so we have no ways to give him treats.




We found a way how Pancho started eating his food. In the beginning it seemed that he doesn't like his allergy food at all. He doesn't come even close if we try to give them dry. First we tried to soak them in water before giving them, didn't work well. Then we tried to crush them with mixer and mix some water there also. That was it. He was eating all his food every time! This really works.. So now we just have to crush them every time. I think it must be because the taste comes better from inside the food or then it smells better or what ever: it works!  -Jozanna


Here are some clickable pictures of Pancho and Chili. In one picture Chili is flying :)


th_Panchomeneekovaa_IMG_6744.jpg th_kaikkipojat_IMG_6645.jpg th_Chililentaa_IMG_6643.jpg