Chili was just measured. He was 34,5cm high and weighted 5200 grams. Pancho at the same age was 37cm high and weighted 7700 grams. Chili is long legged skinny boy :)

Today we gave both dogs deworming pills because it is spring and Chili will have his second vaccination on 28th of April. Today boys were out on our back yard with me more than an hour. I was cleaning our yard and boys were playing nicely and eating sticks. Even Chili loved to be there without clothes on. I was a really warm day. Now I'm just waiting if he will feel sick.. I don't know how much did he eat everything from there.. :)

Tomorrow I'm taking Pancho to a vet to see if we still need to continue his course of antibiotics or is his skin better already. I hope this would be enough and we wouldn't have to continue them anymore! I will write it here after we know. At least he looks much better, but let's see what doctor says. -Jozanna