We have been now already in Jyväskylä for 3 days and day before yesterday we came to Haapavesi. I think Pancho has liked our trip. He always loves to be in Jyväskylä. He seems to love my mom and he looks to be enjoying himself in a bigger family where there is more people playing with him. My step dad had his birthday party on Saturday and there were lots of people. Pancho behieved again very good! It's funny when people don't believe us that he is only 10 months, since he behieves much more adult-like and he looks wrinkly :)

Pancho and evil face


Pancho and big lips



Here is Pancho and my sister Susanna


Usually I like him going outside to run, since my mom has a big yard there where he can run free. This time he always ran into the road. There must have been some very good smell, maybe it's the spring or some bitch in heat.

Now we are going into forest. Pauli went and made a sausage trail into the forest. We are going to test how Pancho will smell the trail. I will report that a bit later today :)  -Jozanna

Ok, trail done and tested. It didn't go as well as we hoped. I think the sausage didn't smell strong enough. He found the trail sometimes and then lost it again. And finally when we gave the sausages to him, he didn't even want to eat them. So apparently they were not something he would have called a prize. Who knows, maybe he did smell the trace in the forest but thought that is something not so good and just decided not to follow that. On our way back he got to know Paulis' uncles hunting dogs. They were in their cage and Pancho ran there to smell them. There they were sniffing each other. Maybe later today Pancho will have a change to play with other dog. Paulis friend has a French bulldog which is almost the same age than Pancho. Here is some pictures of Pancho and those hunting dogs