Yesterday it was a lovely day. Sun was shining and it was hot! At afternoon we went to geocaching to the forest and Pancho was with us. We drove by car as near the cache as we could and then we walked the rest. Pancho was really enthusiastic and he was walking nicely in the line between us. In the forest he loved to run and walk as long as there was a path that he could walk on. After we had to go into the forest and the path ended, then he wanted to come to my lap. I carried him until we went back to the path and then he loved to walk and sniff everything again. We forgot the camera home, so we got no pictures from that trip :(.

We have been trying to teach him to be alone in the house. Other days we were away first 10 minutes, then 15, then 30 and now we were away about 45 minutes and he was barking a bit when we came back. At night we went to sauna and he stayd home alone about 20 minutes. He was not barking at all. He had pooped on the floor though..

He has learned all kinds of tricks. He always sits when we gave him his food. He knows his name (I think). Generally when we ask him to come to us (Tänne, in finnish) he comes. He has learned to walk in a lead. And if his walking without lead he never goes far away from us. We have bought him dog brick activity toy. He is learning how to get treats from it. I think it will not take him long until he masters this toy.

There still is one thing he loves to do the most: sleep..