We had a great weekend at Sukaroiset. pancho met his sister and they played all weekend. Pancho got to know a lot of other dogs also, this seems to help his housebraking also since he now is doing pee and poop outside a lot better. He seems to be less scared of the other dogs on our neighbourhood. This is just what we hoped for. He even made pee to a different place than usual. It was a place that was a lot closer to the outerdoor. I think he has figured out that he will get back inside as soon as he has peed. He does not seem to be a very outdoor guy. Even in Sukaroiset he went straight in if someone left the cabin door open. We will try to write a longer story from the sukaroiset asap.

Pictures from sukaroiset will come here as soon as we get to visit a friends house. Our internet connection will be restored at week 38 so it will be some time untill we can put pictures and write here from our home. Some pictures are allready in the web and if it is ok by the people that have put them there we will give a link here so you can see the photos.

Here are some photos. These are taken by other people that were in Sukaroiset. I hope they don't mind if I use them. If someone does mind please let us know and we will remove pictures from here.