Results from the vet visit: Chili got cortisone cure because of his back leg. He had these marks there which he was biting and now that he has this cortisone he hasn't been biting them at all. They already look much better!

Pancho had two things. One was his weird splotches near his ears. They were because he had yeast infection in those. He got some medicine for those and a shampoo that we need to wash him with. The other thing was that lump in his leg. It was as we suspected histiocytoma.. Hopefully a benign one. Doctor said that there is two options how to deal with this: one is that they would cut if off in surgery or then there is this medicine that we can try first. She recommended those medicine drops first and if they don't help within 4 weeks, then it needs to be cut off. The bad thing is that apparently if a dog has had a histiocytoma it might be that they will get them more. And apparently these histiocytomas can also be bad. I don't know how often that could happen, but obviously I'm hoping that there wouldnt be a third histiocytoma!

Well..I will keep you updated. Enjoy the spring and the sun :) -Johanna