Back home at last. We came Thursday evening after 9 hours of travelling. Trip went fine. Weather was excellent for driving.

That meeting with French bulldog didn't go very well.. We thought it was good idea for them to meet and get to play with each other. Well.. There were massive communication problems between them. This French bulldog breathed loudly, because of the sort muzzle. Pancho didn't understand that he was just breathing; he thought this other one was growling for him. He growled back and that was all the meeting was: growling, growling and more growling. Pancho has never been like that to any other dog. This time the communication barrier was too high. I have to admit that breathing of that dog did sound like growling for me too. Difference is that I know that he was just breathing, but how would you explain to a dog that "this other dog is not aggressive, he's just trying to get some air.." : )

Weather has been excellent! Today it's more than +18 and it's only 15th of April. Everytime when there is sun shining from windows Pancho is there laying. Like you can see from this picture:


Yesterday Pontus and Johanna visited us. We went to near by forest which leads to field. There they ran long time! It was so fun to watch. Sometimes I wish that we would have two dogs so that Pancho would have friend, but I don't think we are ready yet for second one :)

Here are many pictures of them in the field:





Look at ballerina-Pancho :)

These same pictures bigger and some more pictures in here:

Pontus and Pancho
Flying boys

Our neighbours Chihuahuas are in heat; both of them. That might explain some of Panchos behaviours. There is something good also in that heat.. Now those Chihus are more willing to get to know Pancho (of course fence between them). Today they were outside at the same time and no one was barking to anyone. Everyone was peacefully there. This other Chihu was even trying to play with Pancho. Let's see if the situation changes when the heat is over..  -Jozanna