We have been very worried because Pancho had one milk tooth in down front and there was already real teeth coming. The milk tooth was really loose, but he didn't let us to take it away. On Friday we were really desperate and saying that first thing on Monday morning we are calling appointment for a vet. It would have cost a lot and they would have make Pancho sleep first.. We really didn't want that. Then on Saturday evening we went to dog park and Pancho was playing with one dog for over an hour. When we came back home, the teeth was gone. :) :) :) We were so happy! No need for vet now. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Yesterday we changed his food. Or not totally.. We bought him new food and now we are changing it bit by bit.. mixed with the old food. We are now trying this James Wellbelloved. We are trying this because his face seems to be itching sometimes and he has a small red rash in the legs. Of course the face might be itching because he's changing the teeth and that rash might be because of the cold.. but still.. He had one ear infection and one eye infection, they might be caused by allergic also. This James food is supposed to be good and the amount of poo should be smaller than with the current food. Let's try if this is good.

Now we are waiting when we can take Pancho to meet my friends small Jackrusselterrier-puppy. He's only 10 weeks now. But the sooner they will meet, better chance for them to be friends when grown up.  -Jozanna