It’s not easy to be a male dog. Pauli took Pancho out and when they came back home Pancho was totally crazy. Some bitch is in heat again and she has walked past our house. Outside Pancho is licking the ground and drooling. When they came inside Pancho was just walking around the house and yelping and moaning. He was going from Pauli to me and from me to window and then back to Pauli. Poor one was trying everything to get out.

Now Pancho has relaxed a bit already. He is watching nature program with Pauli from TV. There was a program about cheetahs. Pancho went very close to TV and when the cheetah jumped over the river to the left Pancho had to check from the table in the left where did the cheetah go :) Funny boy!

Bad boy in a slum (actually this is from yesterday when we were geocaching)


Pancho injoying the view! Yesterday was a cold but sunny day.

Last Tuesday Pancho passed the course of Tokoagi. Tokoagi is kind a new hobby for dogs and owners. It is obedience and agility mixed together. It is not as serious as normal agility or obedience. It is much about the relationship of dog and owner. Very nice hobby for us and Pancho! Now he passed the first level course “kiertokoulu”. Now we can move into the level 2. In the test there were 5 tasks that he had to perform within the given time. He did very well! The maximum score in total was 400; he got 380. He graduated 3rd best in his “class” :) We are very proud!  -Jozanna