Yesterday we had a really nice day! We came from work and feed Pancho and then we left out. We decided that it’s time for us to go to a dog park. First we went to this one dog park, but there were no other dogs. So we just played there for a while and Pancho ran a lot. Then we drove to another dog park and there were many other dogs. First he was a bit scared all the dogs smelling him, but quickly he was running with them. He played there for 1½ hours. There was another puppy same age that Pancho is and they seemed to have nice time. It was nice to notice that Pancho has a totally different style of playing than the other dogs. He uses his front legs a lot and hits other dogs with them while standing on 2 legs. It was really funny looking, more like cat playing J Other people were really interested about Pancho and his breed. Even thought they are all dog persons they said they have never seen this kind of a dog and many of them had never even heard of this breed. Already two people have asked from us is he a Chinese crested dog. Well..He already weights over 10 kilos so thank god he is not a Chinese crested dog J Or then he would be a bit too big one. I just wonder how many people think that without saying that out loud…   -Jozanna