Yesterday when we left to work, we left Pancho home with D.A.P. We tried one other new thing also. Until now we have always left him only to the corridor, because he ate our wallpaper in the summer.. Yesterday we opened bedroom also for him. So now, he had bedroom and corridor. He could see the door, but sleep in our bed where it is safe. Whole day at work was horrible waiting.. I was waiting to get home and I was afraid that there is another note that he has been barking the whole day. There wasn't. We went home and there was absolutely nothing wrong! Not even one thing was eaten and there was not even a pee on the papers. Everything was exactly like we left it in the morning. It seemed that Pancho was sleeping the whole day. Could it be that D.A.P already helped or then it helped that we opened bedroom door. Or then he was so tired from weekend that he just wanted to sleep. I felt so proud the whole day! It was like someones’ birthday! I REALLY hope that today it looks the same. Please no mess.. Please no barking….! -Jozanna<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />