Pancho has gotten used to being at home after our trip to Jyväskylä. There were some hard days since he did not dare to pee outside and was a bit "evil" inside, now he is doing outside very nicely. We have been giving him small treats every time he pees or poops out and that seems to help.

Pancho has gotten some antiworms medicine. He will be vaccinated on monday 28th. After vaccination we can go for walks more freely and do not have to be so carefull to avoid places where other dogs have been. Now we have been extra carefull just to be sure.

We have been to the woods allmost every day. Pancho loves to run on the paths. Luckily there are large woods and good paths where we live.

Some fotos of Pancho:

Okay, so I did it but can't we work something out?
(Window tint is temporary, we will have proper tinting ;)

The one sunny spot in the house..


Pancho with headlights on :)