We had a small accident in the morning. We went outside from our main entrance and Pancho went for a pee. Pancho was not interested in peeing so after a few minutes we went back home. On our way back there are two doors one after the otherwith a space of about 1.5 meters in between. Pancho came in the midle space where there is a rubber mat on the floor. Pancho was nicely waiting for the door to open but I think he was looking out. I opened the door a bit too fast and Pancho left his paw under the door frame so it was wedged between the door and rubber mat. He SCREAMED really loud!! He sreamed and looked straight at me so I grabbed him into my lap. I was very calm and so he calmed down too. It did take him about 30 seconds tough and the scream felt like it will brake my ears.

There was no permanent damage and he let me examine the paw right the way and made no noise. I tried to move it and used pressure to see if it was sore. It was not in pain. When I put him on the ground he used the paw allright and it did not seem to be sore at all. I will be more carefull with doors in the future..