Today it finally rained. It was actually the first rain Pancho has seen, at least here in Finland. He was a bit worried when I took him out and it had just rained. He was looking at me like: "what is this?". He didn't want to sit on the wet ground and he didn't want to pee on it. He found this one place where the ground was dry and peed there.

Pancho is learning new stuff all the time. Now we are trying to lear commands stay and free. Pancho has to sit and stay untill he is given command free and he can go to his bowl to eat. This is going well he seems to get the commands really fast. Stay is ok now but free is a bit harder.

Now I have to go to sleep. This was my first day back at work after holiday. Rafu was alone with Pancho today and when I came home it really seemed that he had missed me.  Good night! -Jozanna

Me and Pancho