Yesterday we went to the dog park what is next to our house. First there was no one else, but soon 13 weeks old american staffordshire terrier puppy came with his owners. That puppy was in the park for the first time and owners seemed happy that Pancho was a puppy too. They really loved to play with eachother! Too pad I didn´t have camera with me.. A bit later 4 other small dogs came and Pancho had really nice time playing with everyone. Now he didn´t keep any sound when playing.

At home we gave him a pig leg to chew. He absolutily loved it! He was carrying it with him to everywere. I guess that we have to buy him those more often. Even thought that it looks a bit disgusting.. :) 

Today I made an overalls to Pancho. I will put picture here later when I can wake him up..(Pauli and Pancho has been sleeping over 2 hours now...I will put that picture here also)  -Jozanna