Yesterday it was again a bit colder than day before that.. And today: it's -17! :( I really didn't miss this cold! We have bought Pancho shoes for the really cold weathers. I think we must start putting them on from time to time that he would learn to walk with them. Now if we put them on, he walks like soldier :)

Pontus and Johanna visited us yesterday. Pancho and Pontus played nicely. Of course Panchos neck is a bit read again from all the bites, but what can you expect when being hairless. It was so funny looking when they got a bit tired but still they wanted to play a bit. They were just laying in the floor and hitting eachother with palms. I took this video, I was laughing so much!

Here is two pictures of them playing. I don't understand how my baby can look so evil in some pictures. :)